Ellicott Community

  • Location

    Located in the heart of the Eastern Slope of Colorado, the community of Ellicott lies approximately 6,200 feet above sea level with the rugged beauty of Pikes Peak to the west and the rolling hills and grasslands of the plains to the east.

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    Community Information

    Historically, the Ellicott community was one of homestead farms and ranches. Then, as now, the actual town was never large, but residents have always been proud of the sense of community.

    Ranches, cattle herds, and farms are still evident within the Ellicott community; however, the community has recently experienced significant and rapid growth from the suburban crawl of Colorado Springs and new residents desire to leave city-living behind.

    Residents of the Ellicott community experience the benefits of a small school atmosphere, a close and caring community, and the quiet serenity of a rural setting, all within a 20-minute drive to downtown Colorado Springs and all of the amenities of a large metropolitan area.
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