• Ellicott High School Important Senior Dates





    Important Dates:

    -September 17, Senior Sunrise


    Begin filling out college applications




    Testing Dates:

    SAT - No testing in Sept.

    Important Dates:

    -October 1, FAFSA opens

    -October 19, Fall Senior Night

    -October 19-21, Free College Application Day

    -October 27, FAFSA Support Day @Ellicott HS

    -October 28, Fall Music Concert

    Continue College Applications

    Testing Dates:

    **Oct. 2 - SAT

     (Register by 9/21)

    Important Dates:

    -November 4, Fall Sports Banquet

    -November TBD, ASVAB test

    -Nov. 19-20, Honor Choir

    Continuing College Applications



    Testing Dates:

    **Nov. 6 - SAT 

    (Register by Oct. 8)




    Important Dates: 

    -Dec 16, End of Fall semester

    -Dec. 16, Winter Music Concert

    -Dec 31, Graduation Announcement order due to Herff Jones


    Continue College Applications

    Testing Dates:

    **Dec. 4 - SAT

    (Register by Nov. 4)


    Important Dates:

    -January 1st, begin filling out college specific scholarships

    -January 13, Valedictorian announced

    -January, 20, Yearbook photos/Senior pages due

    -Jan. 20-22, All State Choir

    Continue College Applications


    Testing Dates:

    Important Dates:

    -February TBD, ASVAB test

    -February TBD, Winter Senior Night

    -Feb 28, Cap and gown orders due to Herff Jones

    Continue College Applications

    Testing Dates:




    Important Dates:

    March 14, Winter Sports Banquet

    March 17, Spring Music Concert

    Testing Dates:

    **March 12 - SAT 

    (Register by Feb.11)


    Begin making final college decisions/submit housing information if living on campus


    Important Dates:

    -April 13, No School (Senior Skip Day)

    -April 23, Prom


    Testing Dates:

    April 13, SAT-School Day 

    Make Final College Decisions


    Important Dates:

    -May 7, Senior Sunset

    -May 12, Spring Banquet

    -May 18, Senior Dinner

    -May 19, Last day for seniors

    -May 20, Music Banquet

    -May 22, Graduation

    TBD, Senior Trip

    -May 1, Ellicott Community            Scholarship deadline 

    Testing Dates:

    **May 7 - SAT 

    (Register by April 8)


    Cap and Gown, Pictures to Yearbook, Senior Pages Due, Beginning of Seasons, Senior Nights, Banquets,PPCC/UCCS application deadlines, College opportunity fund, 

    ** SAT Testing Locations around Colorado Springs:


    Address: Cheyenne Mtn Hs, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    Center Code: 06149


    Address: 1810 NorthGate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

    Center Code: 06151


    Address: 6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911

    Center Code: 06159


    Address: 1205 Potter Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

    Center Code: 06150


    Address: 8250 Lexington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

    Center Code: 06237


    Address: 7005 N Carefree Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

    Center Code: 06525

    University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (UCCS) 

    Admissions information:


    • UCCS is a rolling admissions university so we do not have a technical admission deadline. However, only admitted students may gain access to important services such as the Scholarship Application and Housing Application. UCCS does NOT have an enrollment deposit or confirmation date.  Students can take as much time as needed to choose UCCS.

    Preferred Admissions Timeline

    • September 1: Application open for admission
    • October 1:      FAFSA available at www.fafsa.gov for submission
    • December 1:  UCCS Scholarship Application available to admitted students

                            UCCS Housing Application open



    Diploma Checklist


    Honors Pathway


    Standard Diploma


    CTE Diploma



    Graduation Student Planning Document


    Qualify Test Score

    Please register your scores on this document to show proficiency.

    SAT English: ______ (470 Required) SAT Math:______ (500 required)

    ACT English: ______ (18 Required) ACT Math:______ (19 required)

    ASVAB:______ (31 or higher math or verbal) ACT Workkeys: ______ (Bronze or higher)

    Accuplacer Classic English: ______ (62 on Reading OR 70 on Sentence Skill)

    Accuplacer Classic Math: ______ (61 on Elementary Algebra)

    Accuplacer Next Gen. English: ______ (241 on Reading OR 236 on Writing)

    Accuplacer Next Gen. Math: ______ (255 on Arithmetic OR 230 on Reasoning, Alg., & Stats)

    Advanced Placement Testing: ______ (2 or above on any Math or English AP test)


    Credit Summary for Normal Diploma

    Four (4) credits Math: 

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    Four (4) credits Language Arts: 

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    Four (4) credits Science: 

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    Four (4) credits Social Studies:

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    Passed Government: 

    Yes or No


    One (1) credit PE/Health: 

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    One (1) credits Foreign Language: 

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of credits: ______

    50+ hours of community service:

    Yes or No

    If no, current number of hours: ______



    College Checklist


    Fall (September-November)

    1. Start your senior year by finalizing your college list.
    2. Now that you have an idea of where you want to go, visit prospective colleges and get a feel for the campuses.
    3. Consider options for early action and your recommendation letters.
    4. Register for required tests, it's your last chance to take the SAT, ACT, or SAT subject tests!
    5. Fill out and complete your college applications and FAFSA forms before the deadlines arrive.
    6. Make an appointment with your counselor to ensure all your colleges get what they need.
    7. Start working on your college application essay; it's a crucial part of your application.
    8. Explore your prospective schools' financial aid requirements to plan your college budget.

    Winter (December-February)

    1. Schedule your college interviews to finish up the admissions process.
    2. Complete your FAFSA so you can get the most possible financial assistance for college.
    3. Cross everything off this post-application checklist.
    4. Continue your hunt for scholarships and apply for scholarships.

    Spring (March-May)

    1. Once you've received all of your responses from colleges, make your final decision!
    2. Verify your financial aid before you make any college budget decisions.
    3. Follow our last admissions checklist: Send your final transcripts to your college and meet housing deadlines.
    4. Prepare for your AP exams and complete your AP tests before summer.
    5. Cross everything off your graduation checklist and graduate!

    Summer (June-August)

    1. Start your last ever high school summer job.
    2. Attend your college's summer orientation to get the lay of the land before school starts.
    3. Apply for student housing and get matched with a great roommate.
    4. There's no time to waste, begin preparing for your college coursework now.
    5. Get ready for a new world of student organizations, on-campus living, and college life by learning more about what your school has to offer.


    Senior Self Reflection

    Questions for self-reflection or to ask your counselor…


    1. Am I on schedule for graduation?
    2. How many credits in each subject do I need to graduate on time?
    3. How high do my GPA/test scores need to be so that I qualify for the colleges I want to attend?
    4. How do I prepare for the SAT/ACT?
    5. What resources can I use to help me study?
    6. Is there a career/major/ fit for my interests?
    7. How do I decide whether I want to turn an interest into a career?
    8. How can I decide between instate vs out of state colleges?
    9. Is there any way to contact people who work in the field I’m interested in?
    10. When should I begin thinking of colleges to apply to?
    11. What should I consider when visiting campuses?
    12. Is my resume/cover letter up to date and of high quality?
    13. When is the deadline for college applications?  What is the common app?
    14. Who should I go to for letters of recommendation?
    15. How do I apply for financial aid?
    16. Where can I find scholarship opportunities?
    17. How does my family’s income affect my financial aid and scholarship opportunities?
    18. Am I qualified to waive my college application fees? 
    19. Are there any special scholarships, awards, or state aid that I should apply for?
    20. When is the deadline for financial aid?