School Accountability Myths

  • Ellicott School District values the use of reliably collected and analyzed data to inform instruction and track changes in our schools.

    The Colorado growth model and state accountability frameworks have been part of the Colorado educational landscape since 2009. That being said, many ‘myths’ continue to persist related to each of these topics. In order to help address these misunderstandings the CDE created this fact sheet.

State Assessment Policies

  • District Assessment Policy - Ellicott School District follows all federal and state guidelines around assessments. (per Colorado Revised Statutes 22-7-1006.3(1)(a)) To view those requirements, click here.

    Computer-Based Testing Policy - It is the policy of Ellicott School District to use computer-based testing for all state assessments in lieu of paper-based tests whenever possible. This not only helps us be better stewards of the environment but also allows for a smooth transition for students to all schools given our district's commitment to integrating technology in the education of our students. (per Colorado Revised Statutes 22-7-1013(6))

    Parent Excusal Policy - Ellicott School District encourages full participation of every student in assessments. Assessments are used at all levels to monitor student progress, address developmental gaps/concerns, and improve instruction. Parents are allowed to excuse their students from any state mandated assessment. The parent excusal form (English/Spanish) must be filled out and returned to the district office annually. If a student is excused from testing, they are still able and encouraged to attend school on those testing days. (per Colorado Revised Statutes 22-7-1013(8)(a-c))

Assessment Resources

  • CDE provides a variety of resources for educators and parents to help support students around state assessments. For CMAS sample tests, videos, and more, please use this link.