Facilities Development Goals

  • The Board of Education believes that the district’s physical environment significantly influences the district’s educational program and that safe, functional school facilities are essential for developing a quality educational program.

    Educational facilities represent a major investment for the district and proper facility planning is an essential component of instructional planning. Therefore, it is the Board’s goal to provide and maintain both the number of facilities required to accommodate student enrollment and the types of facilities needed to support the district’s educational program. Such facilities will:

    • Efficiently house students and staff in permanent facilities that are conducive to optimal learning and staff performance;
    • Be appropriately located to provide optimal use during the life of the facility;
    • Provide equity in instructional opportunities for all students; and
    • Reflect the value placed on instruction by district residents and staff.

    To learn more about how the district and the school board plan and prioritize facilities improvements, please view Board Policy F here.