About Ellicott Pre-School

  • About Our School: 
    Ellicott Pre-School is here to provide and maintain a high quality, comprehensive, and accessible preschool program. The program desires to benefit and enhance early educational opportunities during the child's most critical learning years. We strive to develop a positive attitude towards learning with a program that promotes social, academic, and emotional growth in preparation for elementary school.
    Please read the information about enrollment packet pick-up and drop-off times and availability.

    8:00 to 11:00 and 12:45 to 3:45 Monday through Thursday.
    Breakfast will be served from 7:45-8:00 AM for AM session students
    Lunch will be served from 12:30-12:45 for PM session students
    Students may eat at home, or eat at school with the meal provided. There will be no snack times
    Families are responsible for paying for breakfast and lunches for their child. Families are requested to fill out the food program paperwork for Free/Reduced meals. 

    Creative Curriculum
    Second Step-Social Emotional Curriculum & Safety Curriculum
    Handwriting Without Tears
    Heggerty Phoncis
    Teaching Strategies Gold Assessments
    Mrs. Shelley Ettleman- Ellicott Preschool Director Contact: 
    Phone: (719) 683-2700 ext. 2250 or ext. 5
    Fax: (719) 941-7501
    Email: shelleyettleman@esd22.org
    Gabii Dorado- Ellicott Preschool Secretary Contact:
    Phone: (719) 683-2700  ext. 2279
    Email: Gabrielajdorado@esd22.org

    List of Staff:

    Shelley Ettleman - Licensed Director,  ME Educational Administration, BS Elementary Education, AAS Early Childhood Education (3.0 Colo. Early Childhood Professional Credential Level V)
    Gabii Dorado- Bilingual Preschool Secretary (3.0 Early Childhood Professional Credential Level  )
    Shawna Allen- licensed Teacher & Assistant Director, MA Curriculum & Instruction, BA Early Childhood (2.0 Colo. Early Childhood Professional Credential Level VI)       
    Debbie Rogers-Licensed Teacher & Assistant Director Qulaified,  BA Liberal Arts (2.0 Colo. Early Childhood Professional Credential Level IV)                 
    Jessica Sprowes-Licensed Teacher & assistant Director Qualified, BS Early Childhood Education (3.0 Colo Early Childhood Professional Credential Level VI ) 
    Patricia Manyik- Preschool Teacher Apprentice (with sub license) (3.0 Colo Early Childhood Crendential Level III)    
    Madison Vetromile- Preschool Classroom Para      
    Emily Belveal-  Preschool Classroom Para  
    Cindy Charter- Preschool Classroom Para  (3.0 Colo. Early Childhood Professional Credential Level II) 
    Viviana Castillo- Bilingual Preschool Classroom Para (3.0Colo. Early Childhood Professional Credential Level III) 
    Maria Munoz-Razcon- Bilingual Preschool Para
    Julie Dornbrack- Preschool Para
     Member of the Alliance For Kids Early Childhood Council 
  • Ellicott Preschool Supply List 2022-2023               Lista de Utiles Preescolar De Ellicott 2022-2023                                                                

    Please put student's name on these:                                          Porfavor ponga el nombre del estudiante:            

    Back pack-Full size                                                                     Mochila- Tamano Completo

    2- Sun screen (Full spectrum UVA/UVB, SPF 30 or higher)          2- Protector Solar (Espectro compleUVA,UVB,SPto F 30 o mas)

    Items collected and used within the preschool            Articulos colectados seran utilizados dentro del preescolar

    AM Students:                                                                             Estudiantes de la Manana:

    1 box kleenex                                                                                 1- caja de kleenex

    1 bag of flour                                                                                  1- paquete de harina

    1 box washable markers                                                           1- caja de marcadores lavables 

    1 can shaving cream                                                                   1- lata de crema de afeitar

    1 roll paper towels                                                                       1- rollo de toallas de papel

    PM Students:                                                                                    Estudiantes de la tarde:

    1 pkg pink erasers                                                                         1- paquete de borradores rosas (grandes)

    1 pkg color pencils                                                                       1- paquete de lapices de colores (colored pencils)

    1 bottle of glue                                                                               1- botella de pegamento

    1 quart size zip lock bags                                                          1- bolsas ziploc Tamano cuarto de galon (Quart-size)

    1 roll paper towels                                                                       1- rollo de toallas de papel

    THE PRESCHOOL ENROLLMENT APPLICATION PACKET AND SCREENING TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE  IN PERSON AT THE PRESCHOOL, OR CAN BE EMAILED for the 2022-2023 school year. Please contact  Mrs.Ettleman at 719-683-2700 ext. 2250   shelleyettleman@esd22.org or gabrielajdorado@esd22.org para espanol marque ext.2279 for further information.


    For the 2022-2023 school year, Ellicott Preschool students must meet the CPP qualifying factors and have a completed packet to be enrolled in the program, or have an IEP. In-District qualifying students will have priority for placement first. There are limited slots and students will be placed on a waiting list when these are filled.  Please refer to the Preschool FAQ sheet link for information about the preschool program.