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A Message from Cody Chambers

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student Athlete,

We are excited to have you become a part of the Ellicott High School Athletic Program. We sincerely wish that your experience in our athletic program is satisfying and rewarding. Participation in athletics and activities is an important part of the educational process.  Participation in athletics provides the opportunity for student athletes to further develop their knowledge, skills, and ethics.  Research shows that students that participate in athletics and activities are more successful academically, more successful in their post-secondary educational and employment endeavors, and become positive, contributing citizens in our community and society.  

Ellicott High School serves as a community center for our spacious district, providing programs in athletics and activities for all students to participate in.  Participation in athletics and activities connects students, creates life-long friendships, teaches positive peer support and teamwork, encourages leadership, creates responsible citizens, and provides opportunities to be a part of the larger school community.  

Athletics is an integral part of our students' education at Ellicott High School, whether they are spectators or participants. Participation in athletics is an extension of the school day, during which the learning process still continues. Students learn respect, competence, commitment, and sportsmanship. They learn the power of sharing their unique talents and the intensity of working together towards a common goal. We encourage our students to become involved in both athletic and activity programs, strive to do their very best, and support the effort to excel and achieve.  

High school athletics are highly competitive.  Teams in most sports vie for league, regional, and state titles. As educators, we recognize that few students will make their livelihoods as athletes, but all students need to learn the values of hard work and the individual contribution toward a common team goal. Our staff of coaches take an interest, not only in the performance of our student athletes on the fields, courts, mats, or track, but also in our students' academic and social performance as well.

We look forward to a successful school year in athletics. We encourage the Ellicott community to partner with us on this venture, so we can all soar high like Thunderhawks do!

Cody Chambers
District Director of Athletics 

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