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Charge Limits and Procedures

Charge Limits and Procedures

Ellicott District 22 Food Service
Effective: August 1, 2014/ New Effective date: August 1, 2018
Mr. Chris Smith Superintendent

Charge Limit*

Individual Employees      $50
Individual Students          $20

* Employees and students may go beyond this limit with special permission from district office administration.


When charges are within $5 of the limit, a notice shall be sent to the employee or student’s parent/guardian. The notice should remind them of the charge limit, their current charged amount and that they should make arrangements to either make a payment on their account or meet with food service fiscal manager.

It will be the responsibility of the individual building food service clerks to track and notify both the fiscal manager and the employee or parent/guardian at the prescribed charge limit notification threshold.

Extenuating circumstances may allow for an extended charge limit. However, a plan for repayment should be established before this extension is granted. The food service fiscal manager will work with the employee or parent/guardian to establish this plan.

The district will attempt to work with the community to provide temporary loans for parents who do not qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, yet struggle to pay for their child’s meals. The district does not intend that the food service program bear the brunt of the current economic conditions many parents/guardians and employees are facing.  

It is the district’s intent not to deny any student a meal because of circumstances beyond the child’s control. The district will attempt to hold the parent/guardian accountable for their parental responsibilities to meet the basic needs of their child, namely to insure they are properly fed.