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E-Learning Resources Page

E-Learning Plan

During the closure of schools, we will be continuing instruction as e-learning days. Schools will use this website as the primary location for families to access the materials students should be working on during their time away from school.

General School Contacts During Shutdown (7:30am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday)

  • Ellicott Preschool: (719)683-2700 option 5
  • Ellicott Elementary: (719)683-2700 option 1
  • Ellicott Middle: (719)683-2700 option 2
  • Ellicott High: (719)683-2700 option 3
  • District Office: (719)683-2700 option 4


In order to maintain some level of instruction, Ellicott School District will be transitioning to e-learning. Due to the quick turn around, the processes that develop may be frustrating at times. However, our staff will be working closely together to make sure students have access to instructional materials. Please be flexible as many staff members are basically rewriting their curriculum and drastically changing their instructional model.

The amount of time students should spend daily working on assignments from home varies by age:

  • PK-1st: 1-2 hours
  • 2nd-8th: 2-3 hours
  • 9th-12th: 3-4 hours
Please check the documents for student assignments daily after 8am.

Student assignments will be graded per the district policy. However, all schools have amended their late policies so that students will not lose credit for turning in assignments late. Schools with address special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

If Schoology, Google, or other partnered platforms are out for more than 4 hours of the academic day, students will not be held responsible for that day's assignments.

Homeroom/Seminar/Advisory teachers will be tracking student academic progress and reaching out to families if students are struggling with assignment completion.

Teacher Contact & Office Hours

Each teacher will have their email address and a link to virtual office hours posted on this document. Links on that doc will connect students to teachers during office hours each day. Students will have access to Google Hangouts Meet on their school devices and through their school Google account. Parents can also connect with or without making a free Google account. You can also download the app on your personal devices. Teachers will hold office hours where students can ask questions, have some direct instruction, or practice content. PS-4th grade teachers may also schedule video appointments with each student to check in and give 1-to-1 support.
Not sure how to meet with staff during their office hours? Watch this video to find out!
Students with IEPs, English learners, and Gifted students will also have access to additional office hours with their teacher/case manager. 
Teachers will be accessible by email from 7:45am-4:15pm on the regularly scheduled school days per our district calendar. Please allow a few hours for a reply. Emails received after 4pm on Thursdays may not be answered until the following Monday. 
Staff will be using a Google calling system to make calls to families. Calls from teachers will not register as our usual school number. Please be willing to answer calls from numbers that may appear as coming from out of state.


Attendance will be taken during the e-learning process to collect data for district/school planning and for state reporting purposes. Teachers will mark a student 'present' in Infinite Campus if they have done one or both of the following:
  • submitted that day's assignment
  • attended that teacher's office hours
If your student falls ill and cannot complete their daily assignment or attend office hours, please email or call your schools office staff using the contact info above. 
Teachers will submit attendance at 4:15pm each day. Attendance will be marked for the whole day for grades PS-4th. Grades 5th-12th will be period based. Schools want to make sure that parents are aware of which teachers or subjects the student didn't connect with that day.
Automated attendance calls will not go out until further notice. You can still check attendance in Infinite Campus. Please contact the teacher directly through email if you believe a mistake in attendance was made.

Technology Help

If you your elementary student does not have a device to access e-learning, please use this link to pick a calendar slot during which you can come to the district office and pick one up. Due to a shortage of devices, we are prioritizing higher elementary grades at this time and families will get one device for every 2 kids.

If you are in need of technical assistance with district devices or accounts, please click the link to our IT Help Desk. If you can't access that link, feel free to call (719)683-2700 ext.4427. Please be sure to include your best contact phone number. A member of our team will respond to you as quickly as possible to resolve your issues. 

If you are seeing problems with Schoology, you can track how that company is addressing it by going to their support page. If you have questions about how to use a platform that a specific teacher is using, please reachout to that teacher via email.

Internet Access

E-learning requires some level of internet access. If you don't have internet access at home, many companies are providing service for free and some phone companies are allowing hotspot access on data plans. Please reach out to your school counselor with any questions.

Additionally, we have boosted our wifi signals in our district buildings to encompass several areas where you can park your car and use the Internet to complete work or download it and take it home to complete. We can't guarantee the reliability of the signal at all points and your device's abilities also play a factor. Areas with good signal listed by signal strength are:

  • parking lot of old IT building
  • select areas around the high school
  • preschool dropoff line
  • district office parking
  • middle school bus loop
  • elementary school bus loop

Map (green is good signal; yellow is okay signal)