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School Guidelines


If you or your student is sick, please keep them home. In order for school to remain in session, certain guidelines must be followed.

Exposed individuals should complete the quarantine period starting from the last day of exposure to the confirmed, probable or suspect case,

  • If the exposed individual cannot isolate themselves from the confirmed, probable or suspect case (e.g. household members), then the last day of exposure starts on the day the case is no longer infectious (a minimum of 10 days)
  • If exposed individuals developed symptoms during the quarantine period, they would either follow the isolation guidelines or finish the quarantine, whichever is the longer time period.

The district COVID Coordinator will decide the quarantine period on a case-by-case basis:

Three options for quarantine are allowable in the state of Colorado. They are listed below with the safest option first:

Safest option: Remain at home and away from others for a full 14 days. If you stay completely separate from others for 14 days after you were exposed, you do not put anyone at risk for catching COVID-19 from you. People who live in group settings like dorms, barracks, or homeless shelters must use this option. People who work with high-risk people, like those in nursing homes, should also follow a 14-day quarantine and contact their occupational health representative for further information.

Safe option: If you remain symptom-free for 10 days after exposure and don’t live in a group setting, it’s permissible to end your quarantine and continue to monitor yourself for symptoms for the remaining 4 days of the incubation period. CDC recently released data showing that there is a lower risk of becoming ill and passing on the virus at 11 to 14 days after exposure. While it is lower risk, there is still up to a 10% chance of passing on the virus after day 10. You must not be in contact with people who are elderly or at risk for severe illness for the full 14 days.

Testing option: The shortest option allowable for quarantine is seven days. To use this option, you must obtain a negative COVID-19 test on day five to day seven after your exposure. Testing is a point-in-time measure and you may still become ill with the virus and pass it to others after leaving a seven-day quarantine. For these reasons, seven-day quarantine with testing is the least preferred option and not recommended by EPCPH in most cases.

In no circumstances can quarantine be discontinued before 7 full days of quarantine have passed since exposure.

Please contact the school district with any questions (719) 683-2700.